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Construction of the greenhouse complex LLC "Sunny Gift"

Construction of a greenhouse complex LLC Sunny Gift for the production of vegetable crops of 100 hectares

Russia, Stavropol Territory, Izobilnensky District, Regional Industrial Park "Sunny"

The area of the greenhouse complex:
100 hectares of year-round greenhouses with intelligent lighting system

2017 - 2021

general contractor – Agrostroypodryad

The main suppliers of equipment - Lipetsk plant greenhouse structures (Russia), LZTK Holland B.V. (engineering system development, the Netherlands), Tula Glass Factory (Russia), Siemens Transformers (Russia), Russian-made pipes and heating systems, Metazet (harvest transportation logistics, Netherlands), HVS (boiler equipment, Netherlands), Priva (automated control system, Netherlands), Termeta and Zantingh (manufacturer of gas burners, automatic control of gas burners, condensers, the Netherlands), Hortilux (additional lighting lamps, the Netherlands), KGP (development of engineering systems, the Netherlands), Sorma (supplier of calibration lines and packing equipment, It Aliya).

Condition: in November 2017, the launch of the first phase of the greenhouse complex with an area of 25 hectares.


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