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Installation of heating systems and heating

Теплоснабжение  This type of system is designed to provide consumers with hot water that goes to the needs of heating systems, hot water supply, ventilation and technological needs. The main task of heating networks is to transport heat from the source to the consumer. Properly functioning building heating system is the key to a comfortable stay of people and the rational use of thermal energy.

Depending on the location of the source of heat in relation to consumers, heating systems are divided into two types - centralized and decentralized. Installation of heat supply and heating systems is a technologically complex process that starts from ordering materials and earthworks to laying pipes, filling them, washing and putting them into operation.

The system of centralized heating includes a heat source, heat network and heat-consuming installations connected to the network through heat points. Heat sources for centralized heating can be combined heat and power plants (CHP), carrying out a combined generation of electrical and thermal energy, large-capacity boiler plants that produce only thermal energy, devices for utilizing thermal waste from industry, installations for using geothermal heat sources. In local heating systems, heat sources are stoves, water boilers, water heaters, etc.

In decentralized heat supply systems, the heat source and heat sinks of consumers are combined in one unit or placed so close to each other that heat can be transferred from the source to the heat sinks without an intermediate link - the heat network.

Decentralized heating systems are divided into individual and local. In individual systems, the heat supply of each room - shop, room, apartment, is provided from a separate source. Such systems include stove and apartment heating. In local systems, the heat supply of each building is provided from a separate heat source, usually from the local boiler house.

In general, the installation of heating networks is quite a complicated matter. Even a simple installation of a boiler room requires the involvement of a large amount of resources, not to mention more complex projects. Our company Agrostroypodryad can perform installation and start of heating of any complexity.

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