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Power supply

   ЭлектроснабжениеOne of the most demanded services is power supply and power supply network. The company "Agrostroypodryad" works in this direction for many years, since the beginning of the foundation of the organization. Our specialists are successfully working on the design of power supply for both small residential premises and large production facilities. Power supply systems are called a set of devices for the production, transmission and distribution of electricity.

The power supply system includes the following elements:

- one or more power sources;
- supply lines connecting the consumer with power sources;
- points of electricity reception and own power sources;
- distribution intra factory (inter shop) and intra shop networks.

External power sources and supply lines are referred to external power supply, all other elements - to internal. Therefore, for especially large consumers, SES is usually divided into two systems: the external power supply system and the internal power supply system.

Power supply systems are designed to provide power for power receivers, which include: electrolysis plants, electric motors of various mechanisms, electric furnaces, electric welding machines, lighting installations, etc. Schemes of power supply systems are built on the basis of the principle of the maximum possible approach of a high-voltage power source to electrical installations of consumers with a minimum number of intermediate switching and transformation steps.

Today there are a large number of possible subtypes of protection of electrical networks, which can be interpreted with the greatest benefit to the object, thereby ensuring the maximum level of protection at the optimal budget size. Of course, it is difficult to foresee all kinds of requirements, so sometimes even the most suitable solution requires revision and refinement.

Electro 3When designing industrial high voltage power supply circuits, power sources, distribution points and transformer substations with busbars, the main switching equipment, the location of the ATS devices, all high voltage transformers and receivers should be shown. Industrial enterprises include factories, including factories of research institutes, mills and factories, mines, quarries, production and repair bases, etc.

For civilian buildings include residential and public facilities. Electrical installations that have sources of electricity (including chemical, galvanic, etc.) and are fully or partially powered, or those that can be energized by switching on the switching equipment at any time, are considered to be in operation.

Power supply enterprises are divided into external and internal. External power supply is understood as a complex of structures that provide for the transmission of electricity from the selected point of connection to the power system to the receiving substations of enterprises or civilian buildings.


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