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Construction of shopping centers

строительство торговых центров  A shopping center is a large one, most often a two or three-story building with a parking lot, in which a certain number of food shops, boutiques, cafes, children's rooms, cinemas and other service enterprises are located. We ensure the continuity of the project of construction of shopping centers, guarantee the fulfillment of terms and financial obligations.

When embarking on the construction of a shopping center, it is necessary to take into account the ratio of the area and height of the building, especially the layout and size of the sales rooms, range of goods, parking and the number of potential buyers. Our company has successful experience in the implementation of such projects, so we can confidently ensure high-quality execution, reasonableness and reliability of the planned facilities. One of our main advantages is a personal approach to each client, taking into account all the nuances and subtleties of your project.

As part of the preparatory stage of creating a project for the construction of shopping and entertainment centers, there is a discussion of the technical building with the client, collecting the necessary information to start developing documentation.

The main concept of the shopping center is to extract the maximum income from the area. Therefore, literacy planning is of great importance for its successful functioning. A properly designed shopping center allows its owner to occupy a stable position in the commercial market, maintain a high level of rent and receive a steady income.

Construction of shopping centers and office buildings is one of the priorities of the company Agrostroypodryad. At the core of our team’s work is an integrated approach: we are ready to offer our clients a full range of services, starting from project development and uploading the finished object to the customer.

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