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Construction of plants and factories

ZavodiOur company "Agrostroypodryad" offers services for the construction of factories and factories, including: earthworks, facade, finishing works, manufacturing of metal structures. We also offer construction services for industrial and industrial buildings, agricultural structures, and commercial enterprises.

Factories are serious enterprises and their construction takes a huge amount of time. In order to properly approach the task, it is necessary to have a plant construction plan, high-quality materials for construction, high-tech equipment and the correct work of the team. The most important stage before the construction of premises - the project of construction of factories. Indeed, without a project, it is impossible to clearly distribute all the processes and arrange each for specific tasks.

Factories and factories are the largest industrial enterprises. For such facilities, many years of experience and highly qualified staff are required. Our company guarantees compliance with all relevant standards and factors that affect the future operation of the premises.

A significant advantage in strength, economy and quick construction times proves the successful experience of building such objects. Compared to brick construction, the technology of frame and modular construction allows saving energy and heating by 10 times, which is very beneficial for the further operation of industrial enterprises. The possibility of expanding workshops, the construction of additional premises is achieved by rearranging the wall panels inside the plant, as the carrier is a frame lined with wall panels.

Construction of factories, workshops and other structures is one of the most developed areas of our company. Experience in the construction of such projects, the use of new technologies, high-quality materials for construction allow us to build and complete facilities on time. This is confirmed by the recommendations of customers.

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