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Construction of offices and shops

Строительство офисов и магазинов  Construction of retail stores and offices, construction of bazaars. Do you want to quickly open a new store? Without loss of time and overpayments? So that a month after the start of construction, to get profit from the new store? Construction of a turnkey shop from the company "Agrostroypodryad"!

Our company provides a full range of services for the design and construction of prefabricated buildings for shops and offices, cafes, restaurants, etc. Full construction. We carry out production from small architectural forms to the construction of buildings of any height and area, and also provide services for the reconstruction of buildings and premises, adapting them to shops, cafes and restaurants.

When building and designing commercial real estate, our specialists listen to all the client's wishes regarding the finishing and layout of the premises, and also take into account the specificity and purpose of each specific building, take into account the need for an organic combination of the building with the surrounding landscape and infrastructure.

We will perform work of any complexity on the construction of offices, office repair of premises, interior decoration of offices. Facade construction work for bars, pubs, restaurants. Finishing facades, offices, both in our and in your project.

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